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Adirondack Explorer

February, 2019

Talks continue on purchase of Tahawus rail line

The DEC had objected to Iowa Pacific storing idled freight and tanker cars on its tracks inside the Adirondack Forest Preserve last winter. The cars were removed last spring.

January, 2019

New York enacting new gun restrictions

Background checks are intended to determine whether would-be gun buyers have felony or domestic violence convictions or determined mental illnesses that would prevent them from legally owning a gun.

January, 2019

DEC commissioner defends current ranger staffing

NYS rangers

Scott van Laer, a ranger in the High Peaks Wilderness and a union representative, urged legislators to add staffing. There are 106 field rangers statewide and some supervisors, and 50 permanent rangers who patrol 2.6 million acres in the Adirondacks. That compares to 330 federal rangers who patrol the Yellowstone National Park’s 2.2 million acres, he said.

January, 2019

Cuomo calls for New York ecotourism, using electric shuttles for crowded spots

“In heavily traveled areas and popular state-owned destinations, New York will invest in safe and environmentally friendly transportation options, launching electric shuttle systems and installing additional electric vehicle charging stations,” according to the governor’s 2019 agenda.

January, 2019

Legislation introduced to shrink threshold for APA clearcut permits

Bills re-introduced at the start of the New York Legislature’s 2019 session would require Adirondack Park Agency permits for clearcutting more than five acres of privately owned timberland.

January, 2019

Open Space Institute buys land in Adirondack foothills

The Open Space Institute has purchased 890 acres along the southern edge of the Adirondack Park, which OSI said will permanently protect the forested parcel.

December, 2018

State grants to help address Lake George sewage

The Town of Bolton will get $1 million to improve its wastewater treatment plant, main pump station and wastewater collection system, according to the Department of Economic Development.

December, 2018

State funding sewage projects along Lake Champlain

Among larger state grant approvals were $2.5 million for the Town of Moriah along the southwestern shore of Lake Champlain to reduce overflows at its sanitary sewer system by constructing some five miles of water collection systems, manholes, siphons and pump stations.

December, 2018

Adirondack Park Agency OKs plan by Lyme Timber to log 643 acres in Tupper Lake

Log truck

On about 180 acres of forested wetlands, Lyme plans to cut overstory trees, about half balsam fir, the rest red maple, quaking aspen and white birch, more than half of it unacceptable growing stock, the permit says. The understory has about 1,250 stems per acre of those species.

December, 2018

Town of Lake George study shows septic system issues, information gaps

Management programs for onsite wastewater treatment systems and septic systems are necessary and the town has put together an approach to support an inspection and management program. 

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