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March, 2019

Bands ‘n Beans Set For Fort William Henry Center

Hot chili and hot music will be celebrated at the 28th Annual Bands ‘n Beans event to be held at Fort William Henry Conference Center in Lake George on Sunday, March 31, from 2 to 7 pm. More than twenty area restaurants will participate in this hotly contested event, along with continuous music on two stages with The Radio Junkies, PJ Ferguson 2, Rich Ortiz, The Switch, Steve and Kenny, Stony Creek Band, Tim Wechgelaer & Chris Carey Band, and Ten Most Wanted. Proceeds from Bands ‘n Beans benefits the Lake George Arts Project. Tickets are $20 if purchased by >>More

March, 2019

Poetry: Independence River

There is a forest that I return to when I can’t get away from the pulsations of thinking. A forest of tombs as still as dead tree trunks and melodious as raindrops on red pine needles. The paths of my ancestors. In this forest, I am not alive like I usually am. Stepping in mink tracks, I know this place in my tendons like a ghost knows the temperature of fog. Here, the Independence River runs like a lovely ribbon until it pounds into a ravine of crumbling shale. And I know that old hunger returning from vanished glaciers. In >>More

March, 2019

Local Broadband Symposium Planned for North Creek

The Town of Johnsburg is set to host a Broadband Symposium on March 15th at 6:30 pm in The Tannery Pond Community Center, to review the results since February 2018 of the new NY Broadband Program for Western Warren County. The presentations will focus on customers connected, new customer connections being made, and future plans by Frontier Communications, Slic Network Solutions, and HughesNet. The Town of Johnsburg CDC and the Town of Johnsburg Economic Development Committee are sponsoring this second symposium and welcoming back the three broadband providers to discuss their accomplishments over the past year and their » Continue >>More

March, 2019

Eyeshine: Those Glowing Eyes Looking Back At You

I’ve taken to wandering the night lately – one of the pleasures of having a puppy. Willow, my pup, and I walk at all hours, from twilight to midnight and into the shadowy early morning. Some nights we walk under the cover of stars and moonlight, and other nights the world is so dark my black dog disappears and I wonder what exactly is on the end of my leash. Void of visual stimulus, any earthbound glimmer of light is noteworthy. One night I saw the glow of two small eyes, like gold coins caught in the arc of my >>More

March, 2019

Poetry: Adirondack Moment

Wild, is your nature, Yet, in infinitely perfect Balance. There was a time, When I might have taken you For granted, But never now, Now, is when every minute with you, Breaks my heart, Both with my human transience, And the permanence, Of your beauty. I cannot capture you, Here, or Ever. I can only be, In you, As you are in me, Here, and Now. Read More Poems From The Adirondack Almanack HERE. View original post.

March, 2019

Adirondack Life’s Our Town Stories at ADKX

Adirondack Experience’s next Cabin Fever Sunday Series, Adirondack Life’s Our Towns with Elizabeth Folwell and Niki Kourofsky, is set for Sunday, March 10th, at 1:30 pm, at the museum in Blue Mountain Lake. For the award-winning magazine’s 50th year, Adirondack Life compiled decades of its popular back-page Our Towns vignettes into a volume packed with quirky characters and colorful tales — including the strange case of a judge who lost his chance to serve in the Lincoln administration by admitting to beyond-the-grave chats with Sir Francis Bacon; where you can find Moan and Groan Acres — that is, if jokesters >>More

March, 2019

Adirondack Life Names Annual Photo Contest Winners

Adirondack Life magazine recently named the winners of its annual photography contest. One overall grand prize was awarded, as well as 12 awards in landscape, recreation, black-and-white and wildlife categories. Lewis Cowan, of Ridgewood, New Jersey, took the grand-prize-winning photograph, The Durant Cabin, a quintessential Adirondack scene taken from a sung cabin on a winter’s day. First place in the landscape category went to Nikhil Nagane, of Rochester, New York, for First Light in the Adirondacks, an aerial image taken in Bloomingdale. Tom Baulsir, of Gansevoort, New York, came in second with The Narrows, taken on Lake George. Third place >>More

March, 2019

Our Town Theatre Group Presenting ‘Kodachrome’

Our Town Theatre Group has announced Kodachrome, a new work by Adam Szymkowicz, is set to premier at the Lyle Dye Auditorium stage at Tannery Pond Community Center on March 8, 9 and 10. There will be a post-show reception and meet and greet with the actors and crew following the Friday, March 8, evening performance, as well as an Artists reception from 5-7 pm on Friday for Mixed Media & Sculpture by Rebecca Flis, the March artist showing in the Widlund Gallery at Tannery Pond. Allison Studdiford will return as Guest Director, cast includes Jennifer Bine (Blue Mountain Lake), >>More

March, 2019

Poetry: Howard Lean-To, Adirondacks

During our own Tang Dynasty we stirred space-age orange powder in hot water on cold mornings beside Johns Brook stomping our feet for warmth outside the Howard Lean-to. My bro Matt’s wife Ann wanted to take a dip in the brook, more like a small river here at the base of the high peaks. For Matt it came down to “I will if you do” and Ann did do. Later we packed-out by the well-worn trail we packed-in on, but by then it was a different way. Read More Poems From The Adirondack Almanack HERE. View original post.

February, 2019

Adirondack Global Festival Returning to Lake Placid

I’ve always tried to present a global view to my children, but it is always easier to bring them somewhere to help them understand how diverse a world we live in. Music, art, and dance are a universal language. Coming off the heels of the successful Petrova Elementary School Cultural Fair, The Adirondack Global Festival continues to use the arts as a way to bridge cultural gaps. Adirondack Global Festival organizer Tammy Loewy wants to bring the world to the Adirondacks. Her goal is to foster creative positive interactions between cultures. The » Continue Reading. View original post.