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March, 2002

Adirondack Canoe Waters: South and West Flow
Author: Alec C. Proskine


Alec C. Proskine’s Adirondack Canoe Waters: South and West Flow, published in 1985, expands on Jamieson’s efforts, which had left three of the five Adirondack basins uncovered: the Black River Basin (West Flow) and the Mohawk and Upper Hudson Basins (South Flow). Proskine’s book includes the potentially dangerous water of the Boreas, Hudson River Gorge, Lower and Bottom Moose and portions of the Sacandaga, East Canada Creek and Upper East Branch of Fish Creek. The latter, Proskine tells us, is “a great fishing stream and one of the most spectacular, though one of the lesser known, streams of the state.”With >>More

March, 2002

Adirondack Canoe Waters: North Flow
Author: Paul Jamieson and Donald Morris


Paul Jamieson’s Adirondack Canoe Waters: North Flow, first appeared in 1975 and quickly set the standard to which most subsequent guides adhere. It has gone through many editions and picked up a co-author, Donald Morris, who has expanded the book’s reach, in part as a result of his greater experience as a whitewater paddler. But the writing by Jamieson continues to shine even a quarter-century later. This is to be expected from a professor emeritus of English at St. Lawrence University and the editor of The Adirondack Reader, the acknowledged source book of fine writing through three centuries of Adirondack >>More

January, 2002

Mount Marcy: The High Peak of New York
Author: Sandra Weber


Mount Marcy has been a prime focus for Adirondack climbers ever since that day in 1837 when William Redfield and company first ascended the peak and ascertained that it was indeed the highest mountain in New York. Since then, many pages have been written about Mount Marcy, but until now no one has set out to gather all of the history and lore of this fabled peak into one volume. Sandra Weber has done a prodigious amount of research and succeeded in the even more difficult task of presenting her information in a way that is both carefully documented and >>More


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