‘Forests Adrift’

What you need to know about Northeastern forests After a slow start, “Forests Adrift” (Yale University Press, 2020) gives a good overview of the state of our Northeastern forests. Ecologist Charles Canham brings his keen eye to what causes … [Read more...] about ‘Forests Adrift’

‘The Power Line’

Your fix of Adirondack lore Christopher Shaw mined memories of his conversations with Adirondack old-timers when he wrote his novel “The Power Line” (Outskirts Press, 2020), set mostly in the 1920s. His characters Fran Germaine and Lonnie Monroe … [Read more...] about ‘The Power Line’

‘Camper Girl’

For young readers looking for adventure The road up Whiteface also appears in “Camper Girl” (Fitzroy Books, 2020), a Young Adult novel by Glenn Erick Miller. Eighteen-year-old Shannon Burke, unable to afford college, goes on a solo quest to the … [Read more...] about ‘Camper Girl’

‘Hid From Our Eyes’

A murder mystery for your dock reading “Hid From Our Eyes” (Minotaur Books, 2020) is Julia Spencer-Fleming’s ninth mystery set in the fictional village of Millers Kill, a place where, she writes, “poor farms and Saratoga money and the mountains … [Read more...] about ‘Hid From Our Eyes’