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Adirondack Explorer

May, 2015

The Kid’s Guide to Exploring Nature
Author: Marilyn Smith

Review by: Jaime Armstrong

Did you know that wood frogs have natural antifreeze in their cells? Pigeons are descendants of escapee rock doves. You can estimate the temperature outside by counting cricket chirps. Ants will actually farm aphids so they can steal the sweet syrup that they produce. Nature is full of fascinating tales. As a science teacher, I’m constantly looking for new, engaging resources to share with my students, and The Kid’s Guide to Exploring Nature fits the bill. It also provides a great opportunity for parents to expose their children to the wonders of the natural world around them. The book is organized according to seasons, which makes it easy to find just the right activity >>More

November, 2011

A Coming of Winter in the Adirondacks
Author: Brian J. Heinz

Review by:

This book is called A Coming of Winter in the Adirondacks. It’s really good!!! My favorite part of the book was the pictures. The first time I opened the book my first word was “Whoa!’’ All the pictures were … awesome!!! The rabbit and the mouse looked SO realistic I wanted to pet them! They just looked SO cute and fuzzy! My favorite picture was of the mountains on the very last page. Usually when people draw mountains they draw them all gray and really boring. But Maggie Henry (she’s the illustrator) drew the color of the trees! The detail >>More

January, 2004

Ice Palace
Author: Deborah Blumenthal, Illustrated by Ted Rand

Review by: TIM FORTUNE

If you’re interested in reliving days gone by in the cozy mountain village of Saranac Lake, while gaining an insight into the magical centerpiece of the nation’s oldest winter carnival, the newly published children’s book Ice Palace should delight you and your children. It seems the perfect bedtime story for a winter’s evening, with frost on the window and snow falling outside. Through the eyes of a young girl, author Deborah Blumenthal tells the story of a fantasy come to life, a palace built of big blocks of ice (weighing up to 800 pounds apiece) by real people in a >>More


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