Biography / Personal history

What makes Alex tick?

BOOK REVIEW By R.L. STOLZ For many folks, the mere notion of climbing a sheer cliff, rising vertically for hundreds—or perhaps thousands—of feet, is the stuff of nightmares. Doing so without a rope, or at breakneck speed, fully understanding … [Read more...] about What makes Alex tick?

Hard-learned lessons

  Desperate Steps is a collection of twenty narratives of backcountry accidents and misadventures in the Northeast. The incidents are about evenly divided among Maine, New Hampshire, and the Adirondacks with one incident in Vermont and … [Read more...] about Hard-learned lessons

An Adirondack life

READERS OF the Adirondack Explorer know of Ed Kanze’s column “On the Wild Side.” In each essay, Kanze uses his conversational yet exuberant prose to teach readers about Adirondack plants and animals. It’s much the same in Kanze’s new book, a … [Read more...] about An Adirondack life