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Adirondack Explorer

May, 2007

The Outside Story
Author: Chuck Wooster


If you’ve ever stood on an Adirondack summit on a clear day and gazed eastward, you’ve seen the ghostly shapes of Vermont’s Green Mountains haunting the far horizon. Beyond them, hidden from view, lie New Hampshire’s higher and more rugged White Mountains, “white” because they hold snow much of the year. Those ranges and the valleys they cradle represent a world apart. Every time I skim Lake Champlain on an eastbound ferry, I feel as though I’m crossing Lake Geneva, bound for Switzerland. Still, as alien as the territory on the far side appears at a distance, you don’t need >>More

March, 2007

Oswegatchie: A North Country River
Author: Christopher Angus

Review by: BRIAN MANN

Afew years ago, a friend and I made the long carry from Lows Lake to the upper reaches of the Oswegatchie River. Neither of us had hiked the trail before, so we had no idea how long it would take. Humping our dry bags and my big fiberglass canoe through endless blowdown, witchhobble and slash, we felt like a couple of big-city suckers tricked into a snipe hunt. We eventually found the black, shining thread of the river and were rewarded with a couple of ripe summer days spent swimming, hiking, and scuttling gleefully across moss-slick beaver dams. I’ve been >>More


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