West Central

Fulton Chain

Paddlers make the best of a two-day trip on lakes overrun by motorboats and jet-skis. By Lisa Densmore Ballard In 1977, the rock singer Meat Loaf released a love song in which he crooned, “I want you. I need you, but there ain’t no way I’m … [Read more...] about Fulton Chain

Lows Lake

Two paddlers explore one of the Adirondacks’ largest motor-free lakes, discovering tranquility, beautiful scenery, and a few loons. By Ethan Rouen Sitting in a canoe surrounded by nine miles of water always feels dramatic, but sharing those … [Read more...] about Lows Lake

Beaver River

The forbidden river By Phil Brown The Beaver River starts at Lake Lila and flows for eight miles through largely wild country to Stillwater Reservoir, and in so doing it connects two of the Adirondack Park’s most popular destinations for canoe … [Read more...] about Beaver River

Lake Lila

Navigating the law By Mary Thill Most Adirondack paddlers have heard at least part of this story. On June 15, 1991, four canoeists and one kayaker took a bumpy trip down the South Branch of the Moose River. The 50,000-acre Adirondack League … [Read more...] about Lake Lila