Little Tupper to Lake Lila

Sitting around the campfire, Dave Cilley tells of a strange encounter he had on an earlier journey from Little Tupper Lake to Lake Lila, a route only a few hardy paddlers have explored—it goes through backcountry ponds, down narrow streams and along logging roads. By Will Nixon

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Follensby Pond

Someday, paddlers travelling the Raquette River between Long Lake and Tupper Lake may be able to de-tour to visit Follensby Pond, one of the gems of the Adirondacks.

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Massawepie Mire

To introduce me to bogs, Mike Brennan drops his day pack on a grassy hummock and pulls off his tan fleece jacket. Dressed in green shorts, unlike the rest of us on this cool day, he drops to his knees and plunges his arm into the slender gap of dark water between the bright green lips of sphagnum moss. By Will Nixon

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Valcour Island Adventure

While the lakes and rivers of the Adirondacks have spawned a rich tradition of canoeing, rowing and river kayaking, it’s easy to forget that the Adirondack Park boundary runs down the middle of Lake Champlain—the nation’s largest lake after the five Great Ones, and a newly emerging mecca for sea-kayaking.

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Grass River

One river on Champion lands makes the serious paddler’s heart beat like no other: the South Branch of the Grass.

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