Scouting the Cedarlands By Phil Brown We had been hiking for more than an hour on the Skyline Trail—thrashing is more like it—when a bug flew into my eye and got under my eyelid. I didn’t stop lest I be swarmed by more bugs: deerflies, black … [Read more...] about Cedarlands

Forked Lake

For everyman, an island By Jack Ballard It’s the dream of many an American, from freckled grade-school girls with missing front teeth to smartly attired executives in the Financial District who pounce on deals like pickerel on perch. Ah, to … [Read more...] about Forked Lake

Rainbow Lake

Paddler's gold By Phil Brown We had not got far on Lake Kushaqua when Jaime told me what happened the last time she went canoeing with Sue: a great blue heron flew overhead and splattered them with white stuff—not snow. Some of it landed … [Read more...] about Rainbow Lake

Cold River

Letting the kids go wild By Alexandra Siy It was the summer of 2009, and pundits and politicians alike were advocating No Child Left Inside. Who could argue? I had two children left inside (it was the rainiest July on record) who, for that … [Read more...] about Cold River