Debar Mountain

After days of rain, a family beats the blahs by climbing Debar Mountain, a former fire-tower peak in the northern Adirondacks. By Lisa Densmore Ballard SOME DAYS I need to go hiking. I don’t want an epic outing, just some time in the … [Read more...] about Debar Mountain

The Pinnacle

 On the trail to the Pinnacle, a young lad teaches his elders to slow down and enjoy nature. By Neal Burdick Pinnacle may sound like a daunting destination for your two-year-old grandson’s first climb in the Adirondacks, but in fact it’s a … [Read more...] about The Pinnacle


After climbing it while researching a guidebook, author cannot resist revisiting a rocky peak celebrated for its views of the northern Adirondacks. By Lisa Densmore Some mountains call me back to them. Catamount Mountain, about six miles north … [Read more...] about Catamount


Scouting the Cedarlands By Phil Brown We had been hiking for more than an hour on the Skyline Trail—thrashing is more like it—when a bug flew into my eye and got under my eyelid. I didn’t stop lest I be swarmed by more bugs: deerflies, black … [Read more...] about Cedarlands

Owl’s Head

A wise choice By Edward Kanze If you’ve ever taken young children for a hike, you know how it can go. In the morning, you sound the rallying cry. Let’s go! Then before you know it, despite stirrings, nobody’s ready to go anywhere. It’s … [Read more...] about Owl’s Head