Rooster Comb

On Rooster Comb cliffs, climbers immerse themselves in wilderness and history. By Phil Brown Each year hundreds of people hike to the summit of Rooster Comb for its great views. Far fewer reach the summit by scaling its cliffs, but the … [Read more...] about Rooster Comb

Rogers Rock

Grand-scale adventure By Phil Brown Tom Rosecrans has climbed all over the world, but he’s most at home on Rogers Rock overlooking Lake George. Have you heard of the legend of Rogers Rock? We’re not talking about Major Robert Rogers, the … [Read more...] about Rogers Rock

The frozen steep

Notes from a cold, hard place By Don Mellor This is a piece about ice climbing. I’ll tell you what I know, how it’s done, when it’s done. I’ll explain all the pointy tools and where people do it. I just won’t tell you why. After 30-plus years … [Read more...] about The frozen steep