Fulton Chain bike tour

With apologies to the Edward Abbey- loving wilderness purists out there, nothing sets a road cyclist’s heart aflutter like a good stretch of smooth black asphalt through the countryside. By Dan Keefe

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Speculator trails

People in Speculator refer to the outer loop of their new mountain bike system as “the family trail.” Everyone I talked to assured me the roads were wide, the dirt hard-packed and the downhills not too steep. By Kathy Ceceri

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Biking through history

The Champlain Valley comes pretty close to Bikers’ Heaven, with its quiet country roads, friendly villages, rolling farmland, and frequent views of lake and mountains. By Dick Beamish

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Meet John Davis!

John DavisGame Camera

John Davis serves as the Adirondack Council’s Rewilding Advocate, and works to make ecological and ecosystem connections throughout the Adirondack Park and the Northeast….Read more.

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