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  1. I have to agree with Dan, these hunters are not new and are seeing fewer deer in area’s known to have them. I think the canopy cover has a very big effect on food availability making many area’s poor habitat for deer. Falling tree’s have limited effect on opening up habitat for deer. While coyotes do impact newborns I think the biggest issue is poor habitat.

    Controlled burns would help but forever wild restricts this making the woods devoid of many animals. Such a shame the DEC can not manage this land better. Great for hiking but ask the hikers how many animals they see, usually is it very little if any.

  2. Dr. Michael Tveraas says:

    I have been hunting Essex County NY for some 35 years. Without a doubt some years are better than others due to many factors. What hunters loose sight of is that the number one cause of Deer mortality is HUNTING!
    If you keep hunting the same area the same way year after year, you will become less effective over time. I have no difficulty getting a rack buck each season I hunt in NY, but I also hunt a different area each year as my tireless pre-season scouting dictates. It is also an indisputable fact that the coyote (Predator) populations will reflect the deer (Prey) populations. I am a Quality Deer Manager on ranches in 6 western states. The ranches with the most deer have the most coyotes. I can kill 4 coyotes a day on my south Texas ranch and not make a dent in their population. No matter the number of predators I will still see a dozen 140 to 160 class bucks a day on my 5000 acre ranch. My exhaustive studies in No. Hudson NY has shown me the same remote scrape lines and rub lines are established every year. The deer are there but they are spotty in the North Country.
    The hunters challenge is to find where they are that day. Its not shooting deer like on my QDM ranches. In the Adirondacks, its hunting deer! Thats the pursuit of game in its natural environment.

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